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Develop for Skyfallen

A Powerful Sandbox

Skyfallen’s apps such as SkyMake and SecureForms are developed with a lot of care and effort to give the end-users the best possible experience. You can develop for these apps and use their power whilst extending their functionality to your needs.

Skyfallen Apps

What We Offer

Skyfallen mainly focuses on building apps for the humanity to use such as SkyMake for distance education. We also made our development tools to public to provide developers ease.

Ease of use

Even though Skyfallen Developer tools were initially developed for internal use, they were designed with a lot of thought to allow developers to integrate easily.


Our developer tools were tested for security problems before release to public so you don't need to worry about them.

What you can develop for and with

Skyfallen developer services were developed with PHP but they are cross-platform. You can use them on any platform you want where you have internet connectivity.

Outside using these tools for your apps on various platforms, you can develop plugins for Skyfallen’s apps developed for the public and end users.

Skyfallen Apps

Develop for Skyfallen


Revolutionary LMS

Develop plugins to add extra functionality to SkyMake and allow for a more powerful LMS. Contribute to repository to #SpreadTheOpenSource.


Simple&Secure form collection

Add more functionality to privacy and simplicity focused SecureForms by developing plugins and contributing to the repository. #SpreadTheOpenSource with new functionality.