Skyfallen Developer Services

Awesome developer services, free and open-source.

Skyfallen Developer Services

Powerful Tools

Awesome services that you can use with a single developer account.


App Center

A Simple platform with an intuitive API builtt for you to get rid of the hassle of managing app tokens for authorization and similar purposes.


Tamako API

An awesome AI powered chat app that you can integrate with just a few lines of simple code. It is completely free and even better the the digital assistants out there.


Updates Console

Allow your users to update their app instances with ease while you manage your app versions and change-logs simply.


Skyfallen ID

Provide your users a simple hassle-free login experience that simplified and consistent across many platforms.

Skyfallen Innovations

What We Developed With These Tools

SkyMake AR

SkyMake AR is a new addition to SkyMake App for iOS. It allows live models to be loaded during live classes. Designed to revolutionize distance education.


SkyMake is an open-source LMS designed to make distance education better with simplicity and minimalism.


Collect forms with ease and privacy. All form responses are encrypted with industry standard AES and RSA encryption.

Case study


A clever bot, designed to make communication easier on online real time communication platforms like discord and slack.